18 Digital Marketing Resources That Don’t Suck

My digital marketing and technology expertise is trusted by major corporations (even a Forbes 100 one) and conference/event planners and has even been featured in top online publications. Now, I’m making them easily available to you so that you have the tools you need to succeed.

Dive in and check out these digital marketing resources. These templates, worksheets, and exercises are forged from the fires of my decades of marketing experience and are ready to go to work for you.


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13 More Indispensable Digital Marketing Resources for Your Journey

Now, let’s dive into various practical digital marketing resources where you can simply fill in the blanks. Use these to grow your brand awareness, leads, and sales. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me and my clients.

Marketing Audit Worksheet

Use this sheet to assess where your marketing is and identify areas that you need to focus on improving as well as considering the budget it’s going to take to get there.

Internal Communications Audit Worksheet

Need to assess how you are performing with recruitment and retention of employees? Take a look at this worksheet


Customer Persona/Audience Development

Zero in on the right target audiences for your marketing and sales efforts with this worksheet. If “everyone” or “anyone” is your focus, then no one really is. You can have a few audiences, but you will need to prioritize in order to allocate resources wisely. Worksheet coming soon! 


Employee Persona/Audience Development

Understanding and prioritizing your employee audiences is just as important customers, yet we often forget about attracting and retaining workers as much as customers. Worksheet coming soon! 

Need Marketing Assistance Not Covered in This List?

Find out about how to engage my team for your marketing consulting services needs…

SEO/SEM Keyword Exercise

This exercise will help guide SEO and Google Ads SEM efforts to draw in potential customers to your company website. Identifying keywords is the first step, and the third is writing Google Ad copy. 

NOTE: Taking these keywords and running them through a proper keyword research tool (Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.) is a critical second (middle) step not included in this exercise. Doing so will help you add other related keywords that you likely have missed and then focus on the ones that are the most relevant to your audiences.

orange keyword-research-steps

SEO/SEM Keyword Research Steps

Follow my process to ensure you perform proper keyword research; get the exact steps I use to generate loads of qualified SEO and SEM traffic, leads, and sales. Keep in mind that while you can learn the steps relatively easily, knowing how to interpret the data and consistently make the right choices can take months and years of practice. Stick with it though; it’s worth it. Worksheet coming soon!

Search Intent Exercise (Product/Service vs Content)

As you deepen your journey into understanding the power and purpose of keyword research, it’s critical to discern the “search intent” of someone searching in Google. There are two primary types of searches: those that show people are looking for information/articles and those seeking a product or service. Knowing the difference is key since ranking an article for a product/service “search intent” keyword is VERY unlikely, and vice versa. Get started with this worksheet.

SEO Backlink Tracker Template

While there are over 200 ranking factors that influence Google’s decision to rank one of your website pages, high quality links are still one of the top factors. Keep track of all the great links you’ve built with this Google Sheet. NOTE: You will need to make a copy in order to edit/add to it.

Google Ad Campaign Template

This Google Sheet will allow you to quickly write ad copy for Google Ads, and it even shows you how many more characters you can use or if you are over the limit. This saves much time later with loading and launching a Google campaign. NOTE: You will need to make a copy in order to edit/add to it.

“Brand Personality” Sliders

To ensure your brand messaging isn’t inconsistent, this exercise is one to tease out misalignment and/or misunderstanding within your team’s understanding of your brand’s personality. Have your team mark where they feel your brand is on the spectrum for each item. Do this individually and then compare with others to see alignment or misalignment. Then have discussions to resolve any issues.


My PPT Preso: Why Marketing Sucks™: Generating Targeted Leads and Sales

Review my powerpoint as a conference keynote speaker and discover marketing insights I share with audiences everywhere.


2 of My Books

The Why Leadership Sucks™ books were the ones that started Why Stuff Sucks™; review these important works on why and how you need to be a servant leader.

why-leadership-sucks-volume-1 book
why-leadership-sucks-volume-2 book