You Already Know That Stuff Sucks: How About A Better Way?

Call them what you want: hopes, desires, ambitions… we all have dreams of success. But let’s face it, too many of us never see them come true. What is it that keeps your dreams from becoming reality when you wake up? 

The world has opportunities for us: great opportunities, fun and FULFILLING ones, like never before in the history of the planet. But success always seems to be just beyond our reach. Everyday we are surrounded by bad news: television, internet, websites, and radio. 

Let’s face it…the technological revolution contributes greatly to Why Stuff Sucks™.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace; they say the amount of information we have to have a grasp of doubles every six months! Technology changes so fast these days that you get whiplash; we have the equivalent of The Industrial Revolution every few months! 

Our education clearly hasn’t prepared us for the realities of the 21st century and day-to-day survival. We often dwell on the negatives, and it has driven many people to lose hope…

How can we ever keep up?

Why Stuff Sucks™ exists to present a better way of thinking and of how to survive and thrive amidst the sea of high-tech change. Enough of the despair. It’s time for a new business paradigm, which includes demystifying Why Stuff Sucks™ and embracing the technological changes we need to rise above it.

The Business Book That
Started It All...

The message of Why Leadership Sucks™ resonated so deeply with so many people that the book became a bestseller and was soon followed with a second volume. Since then, more business books have been written under the Why Stuff Sucks™ brand, with even more planned for the future. 

Encourage Others with Your Why Stuff Sucks™ Business Story

Everybody has their story about life sucking… 

In fact, we often only dwell on our own, rather than realize that our pain can be used to soothe other’s pain. For that reason we are committed to authors who have a unique, sucky business perspective to expand the Why Stuff Sucks™ line of books. 

Your story can inspire others to move from suck to success. Plus, you can be a true expert…make your story known and heard far and wide.

Why Stuff Sucks™ will help you become a published author under our brand and pay you to do it! It includes a modest advance for completing the book. In consideration for that advance, we expect authors to perform a number of marketing activities to support the launch.

We all have stories about Why Stuff Sucks™ in business. Use yours to inspire, encourage, and embolden others.

Giving Back: Get Your College Career Started with a $1,000 Boost

Rejoice in your youth! 

Some people don’t wait until they’re adults to recognize and do something about life sucking. If you’re one of those soon-to-be high school graduates with a story about Why Stuff Sucks™ and how you’ve overcome it, you can take advantage of the Why Stuff Sucks™ $1,000 scholarship.