Get to Know the Guy Who Will Make Digital Marketing Bearable For You

Hello, my friend......

My goal is to help individuals, businesses, and organizations like yours achieve a new measure of success, and then surpass it, by providing the guidance you need to avoid the multitude of digital marketing and technology pitfalls along the way.

I’ve spent decades studying business success, reviewing and anticipating new technological trends, and testing countless digital marketing strategies, all for the purpose of growing your organization’s leads and sales. I’ve learned as much from coaching middle-school soccer as I have leading multi-million dollar digital marketing campaigns, and I can make those lessons work for you.

My firm grasp of technology fits hand in glove with my love of continually learning new things, from playing the violin and viola to riding motorcycles, race cars, ski boats, and so much more.

All this has made me who I am and afforded me a solid measure of success, but it’s not enough. I want to help you achieve the measure of prosperity that you desire

The American dream is here for you, and I’m here to help you scale the technological wall and dodge the razor wire that’s holding you back. No matter your digital marketing goals, I’ll help you reach them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This was born out of decades of frustration and struggles, culminating in a realization that all of the suck in our lives is needed for success. It’s a prerequisite for outsized success…if we allow it to shape/mold us, not cripple us.

Imperative…do we truly succeed if we have money, power, and fame, yet lose our very soul (relationships, health, etc.)?

Not entirely. Although, it is fast supplanting many of the methods that used to work well due to its ability to be quantitatively accountable. In short, we know precisely which ads convert to leads or sales when it comes to digital marketing. Your target audience and business goals will largely decide on whether you use traditional or digital marketing or some blend of the two.

While this is true, most companies and personal brands don’t have significant word of mouth that will sustain their business over the long term. Since most of us aren’t Seth Godin or Apple, we must rely on word of mouth AND other advertising methods. Digital marketing just happens to be one of the easiest to demonstrate ROI.

What will happen to your organization if you do what you’ve always done and expect different results? We are either moving forward or going backward; there is no “maintenance mode”. Where there is reward, there is always risk, but I’d rather invest and try new things to ensure my organization survives and thrives. I’d rather not leave that up to fate. How about you?

Most of the fear comes from a significant amount of resources and a commitment to the long term; once you see the future of automatically generating leads and sales month after month, year after year, you see that the investment is totally worth it.

This is largely a function of budget; we can always go further, faster with more money…to a point. Depending on how aggressive your business goals are and where we need to target your audiences will determine how much money and time need to be allocated.

Not at all. If you have one, it certainly helps, but I love to teach why and how these digital strategies work. An educated client is the best client.