Google AdGrants for Nonprofits

Are you interested in learning how to expand your visibility and draw new people to your 501c3 with $120,000 of free grant money from Google? Sound too good to be true? 

Like everything in life and business, there are monthly requirements and stipulations Google demands to be observed in exchange for continuing to use the program. From my experience, all nonprofits that try to fully use the $10,000 spend less than 5% of that. It’s always a few hundred dollars a month, and many get discouraged and say the program didn’t work for them. 

That’s just because the platform is foreign, and the learning curve to mastery of the software is steep. But what would it be worth to your organization if you could use all of the money?


Let’s Get Your Non-Profit Noticed, Again & Again & Again...

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Making the most of your marketing bucks can be tough, especially if you’re a 501c3, and you’re not always flush with cash to begin with. You too can take full advantage of $120,000 in grant money from Google to run ads that grow awareness and leads. It usually takes 3-6 months of working together to get to ~95% utilization of the $10,000 per month, but I am confident we will get there together. I’ve never had a client who didn’t achieve that.

This service takes a lot of specialized skill that comes from years of experience, and that’s why we have a monthly management fee. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay a fraction of the grant monies to receive and fully use $120,000 in grant money? Consider also what the cost would be of hiring another development employee to raise that level of funds for your nonprofit.

I’d love to show you how to establish your organization and generate endless visits and leads.

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