Crafting a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

The days of, “Word of mouth is the only advertising I need to be worried about” are gone, daddy gone. With the proliferation of digital channels and tons of virtual communities, it can be overwhelming to know where to start…we have so many options!

But, you’re not trying to reach everyone; the challenge is selectively targeting the right audience on a local, national, or global scale. Spray and pray marketing and advertising or even having a neat web page that your brother-in-law’s cousin threw together for your company as a college assignment isn’t going to cut muster. You gotta have a strategic and well-thought out plan.

Nothing does less good than a marketing scheme that doesn’t focus on the right audience. Elderly ladies in nursing homes don’t buy catcher’s mitts. You need to focus your strategy and budget to the likeliest place possible in order to avoid wasting time and money and to see the greatest ROI imaginable.

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33 Critical Elements to Generate Qualified Leads

If you need to level up your content marketing game to more effectively generate qualified leads, this guide will be an enormous help. Just fill out the fields below, read the guide, apply the elements that work best for your company, and see a change worth talking about. Results will vary depending on how well you plan, fully execute, and continue to iterate on your work (not just “set it and forget it” like Ron Popeil taught us).

But people who have applied these strategies fully have seen significant improvements in the quality of their traffic and qualified leads.


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